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Current Election - November 3 General


Initial results will be available on November 3 after 8:00 p.m. After election night, results are reported daily before 6 pm until all votes are counted.

Daily Ballot Return Statistics - Updated as of 11/03/2020, 12:32pm

Daily Return report (PDF)

Returned Ballot VoterID List (Excel)

Past Elections

Past county election results

Election results are archived after each election, dating back to 1892. You can also find canvassing board informational reports, reconciliation reports, and information on recounts if one took place in that election. 

Click the link above to explore past county election results.

Past cross-county and statewide election results

Some districts and races are determined by voters from multiple counties. To determine the winner of these races, all votes from the qualifying jurisdictions need to be counted. 

Click the link above to view results from cross-county and statewide races.