Interpreter Services

The Snohomish County Superior \ Juvenile and District courts interpreter web system empowers court staff and court approved interpreters to efficiently and conveniently manage schedule and assignment of interpreter services. The Snohomish County Superior  \ Juvenile and District courts requires interpreter services in processing court cases for a variety of languages. 

Interpreter Information



section below contains a combination of forms and instructions to assist those providing or those who would like to join the Courts in providing Language Assistance.  
Interpreters providing interpreter services at the Snohomish County Corrections Facility must submit the Professional Visit Request Form
as directed on the Corrections web page.

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If you are an interpreter and have questions, need your password reset, or would like to find out more about Snohomish County's interpreter program, please contact us by calling 425-388-3893.

If you are in need of an interpreter, please contact us.