Kayak Point Rd

Description - Completed in 2021

Snohomish County Public Works finished paving Kayak Point Rd (from Marine Drive to 140th St. NW) and 140th St. NW (from Kayak Point Rd to 63rd Dr. NW) in July 2021. The total length of the project was approximately 2.3 miles. Crews also performed pavement repairs at some locations, ensuring a smoother drive for residents and visitors to Kayak Point Regional County Park.


Construction was scheduled to begin the first week of June and last through the end of July. Hours of construction were 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Traffic Impact

Single lane access was maintained throughout construction, but some temporary closures may have been required at cross streets due to hot pavement that cannot be crossed. 


The Rural Roads Preservation Program: Kayak Pt Rd & 140 St NW project was funded by the Federal Surface Transportation Program and the Snohomish County Road Fund. Total funding was under $1.5 million.