Accessible Camping

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Access to our campgrounds is varied and some sites may not be recommended based upon mobility requirements.  A comprehensive review of our campgrounds was last conducted in 2012 to identify facilities that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Since the review, we are proactively upgrading and installing facilities that meet or exceed ADA standards.

Flowing Lake Campground

CAMPSITES: Recommend 18D, 37D, 38D & 39D.  Flowing Lake Campground has four ADA compliant partial-utility campsites with accessibly designed tables, raised fire ring and paved (asphalt) drive with minimal slope. Site 18D is adjacent to the campground restroom and sites 37D, 38D, and 39D are close to the water, paved paths, and an ADA compliant Sanican. With exception to sites 7, 9, 21, 22, 23, and 30 (which require stairs to access picnic tables and fire rings) all remaining utility campsites are access-friendly, having level compact gravel surfaces and unrestricted access to tables, fire rings, and water and power hook-ups. Non-utility sites A, B, C, D, E, and G drive and pad surfaces are flat, compact gravel. The majority of toilet facilities and showers are accessible. All routes to the campground restroom/shower buildings are access-friendly.

CABINS: Recommend C2, C3, & C4.  Parking, surrounding areas, and access to cabins 2, 3, and 4 are paved and level. Door openings are 35", with 33" between bunks and/or futon. Picnic tables are accessibly designed and fire rings are raised. Service dogs (as defined by the ADA) are allowed in all cabins. Important note: space between bunks and futon (in cabin 2) is 20" when futon is lowered. Key lock box is currently located 65" off the ground.

Campsite 18D

Round rail fencing separates Campsite 18D from the maple trees and encroaching sword ferns

Campground Restroom

Visitors glide over the paved surface leading to the Flowing Lake restroom

Cabin 4

Friends gather around the cabin picnic table

Kayak Point Campground & Yurt Village

CAMPSITES: Recommend D1 & D2.  Sites D1 and D2 are ADA compliant, partial-utility campsites, with accessibly designed tables, raised fire ring, paved (asphalt) drive with minimal slope, and close access to the ADA compliant restrooms. Flat (or minimally sloped) campsites with compact gravel surface access to standard picnic tables and fire rings include sites: 2, 4, 6, 7-10, 12-14, 16, 17, 21, 27-30. Routes to the campground restroom/shower buildings are accessed by compact gravel.

YURTS:  Recommend Y2 & Y4.  ADA compliant yurts 2 and 4 are located closest to parking and include a raised fire ring and accessible picnic table. Access to other yurts and cook shelter in the village are by compact gravel pathways. Service dogs are allowed in all yurts.  

Yurt 2

Ramp leading to Yurt 2 entrance

Campground Restrooms

Campground restroom

Campsite D1

Campsite D1 in Autumn

River Meadows Campground & Yurt Village

CAMPSITES:  Not Recommended. 

At this time, campsites at River Meadows are not recommended to campers needing accessibility. All campsites are non-utility. The ground is soft during the spring, fall and winter months and is uneven around the trees. Sites 1 and 2 are closest to the water supply and a seasonal restroom accessed by crossing a packed gravel parking area. ADA compliant sanicans are in place during the winter months.

YURTS:  Recommend Y1.

 ADA-compliant Yurt #1 is located closest to the village's restrooms, has adjacent parking, ramp entry, raised fire pit and accessible picnic table. Yurt #1 sleeps 7 people (vs. 8 people for the other 20' yurts) to allow more maneuverability. The restroom for Yurt #1 is the only fully accessible yurt restroom.  Paved pathways interconnect Yurts #1 and Yurt #2, parking and restrooms—all other yurts connect by firm gravel pathways. Yurt #2 has a ramped entry but all others (#3-6) requires negotiating one or two steps. Service animals are welcome in the yurts.

Yurt 1

Yurt 1 basks in the sun after a recent rainfall

Yurt Restrooms

Yurt village Restroom


Trees, bursting with cherry blossoms, stand guard over a row of campsites

Squire Creek Campground

CAMPSITES: Not Recommended.  At this time, camping is not recommended at Squire Creek for those who need accessible access. All campsites are non-utility and all pathways are non-paved forest floor, and are not ADA accessible due to the increased difficulty of mobility. At this time no site meets ADA standards. The restroom (open in summer) has ADA compliant stalls, but accessing requires negotiating a single step.

Campsite 2

Vine Maples and tall evergreens provide a lush campsite canopy

Campground Restroom

Campground Restroom

Campsite 8

Dense evergreens tower over a sun-dappled campsite

Wenberg Campground

CAMPSITES: Recommend D16, D42.  Campsites that meet ADA standards are full-utility site D16 and non-utility sites D42, D43, and D67. Site D42 is paved with minimal slope and all others are firm gravel. All of these sites have raised fire rings, accessible picnic tables and are located close to the centralized ADA accessible restroom. With the exception to site #33, all sites in Loop 1 and 2, and outside sites in Loop 3 are access-friendly, having a level or minimal slope, and packed gravel tent/parking surfaces.

Campsite D16

Evergreens and brush surround campsite D-16

Campsite D42

Pavement peeks through a dusting of leaves covering campsite D42

Campsite D43

Accessible table and raised fire ring sit tucked in the corner of site D43

Whitehorse Campground

NOTE: Phase 2 of this campground (adding a tent loop and restroom/shower building) is being constructed summer 2022. 

CAMPSITES: Recommend 1D & 14D.  Sites 1D & E14D have water, power, and sewer hook-ups. All surfaces are packed gravel. Site 30D is an ADA-compliant, non-utility site. ADA sanicans will be in place until the restrooms are built in Phase 2. 

Discount Camping & Free Day-Use Parking

Snohomish County Parks honors the Five Year Disability Pass, Disabled Veterans Lifetime Pass, and the Senior Citizen Pass that is issued by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission*. Restrictions apply. Please visit our Fees & Prices page for details.  Parking in the Day-Use Area (during the day) is free for WA residents who display their permanent ADA placard or plates.

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* Reservations for discount camping must be booked through the Call Center (M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm) at 425-388-6600.  If you get a recording, leave a message.  If you mention you want to use your discount pass, we will elevate the priority of your call back.