ADA Shorelines & Fishing

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By way of paths and ramps, Snohomish County offers accessible access to both fresh and salt water for viewing, fishing and swimming.

Flowing Lake

Flowing Lake's paved paths along the waterfront to its boat launch area make for great viewing and access to the fishing dock (which is in close proximity to the ADA campsites). Currently, access to the swim beach requires traversing expanses of grass. Free day-use parking for WA residents with permanent ADA placard or plates.

Vegetation and logs frame the Flowing Lake dock
Low angle perspective of dock
Pathway along the heavy foliage waterfront

Gissberg (Twin Lakes)

Gissberg Twin Lakes park has long been host to fishing events for youth and model boat races. In 2016, the Parks maintenance staff, in collaboration with the North American Model Boat Association (NAMBA), built a wheelchair ramp to the water. 

Twin Lake Access Ramp
Stairs to accompany access ramp to Gissberg Twin Lakes
Twin Lake Access Ramp

Lake Cassidy

Technically a park, Lake Cassidy serves primarily as a point-of-interest and trailhead for the Centennial Trail. There is an accessible parking lot in addition to a dock that offers fishing and views of the lake. The lot is designated for disabled parking only, and is accessed by a gated service road. Driving directions and links for applying for the gate access code can be found under the Lake Cassidy section of our CT Trailheads page.  

Lake Cassidy Access Gate
Trail head dock stretches into a lake reflecting a fiery sunset and silhouetted tree line
Paved parking and trail leading to Lake Cassidy dock

Lake Goodwin

Paved pathways provide up close and unobstructed views of the water and connect the dock, accessible playground, restrooms, and picnic shelter.

Woman looks out over Lake Goodwin from the end of the dock
Pathways connecting playground and dock

Martha Lake Park

Martha Lake Park's paved pathways provide excellent access to all park facilities, including the three docks and swim beach. A wheelchair ramp allows access into the water.

Visitors on Martha Lake dock
Fishing dock with wheelchair height railing
Wheelchair ramp leading into water

Meadowdale Beach

Meadowdale Beach is a beautiful salt-water park that is, for some, a challenge to access due to its 1.5 mile trail down to the water. Fortunately, there's a service road that leads down to an ADA designated parking lot with seven stalls. From the lot, wide, paved path takes you under the railroad tracks and to the beach.  A synthetic mesh mat has been put in place that extends approximately 50' onto the sand for people with wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Please be aware the mat will be in place seasonally, from May 1st through September 30th, and that shifting sand may move the mat.  

For driving directions to the access road and information on obtaining the gate code, visit our Meadowdale Beach page.

A paved path goes under a train track bridge out to the beach
Wheelchair mat extending out onto beach
ADA Access Road Gate

Wenberg Park

Renovated in 2017, Wenberg County Park has become a showcase for ADA Access. Close, designated parking and multiple ADA compliant pathways and ramps enable access to the boat launch, mooring, restrooms, swim beach and water, and a wrap-around fishing dock. Free day-use parking for WA residents with permanent ADA placard or plates.

Mooring dock branching out from main dock
Wheelchair ramps leading to sandy beach and water
Concrete boat launch with wheelchair ramps