ADA Trails

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Snohomish County Parks has 100's of miles of trails and many of them can be accessed by people with special needs. The most popular are the Centennial Trail, Whitehorse Trail, and Interurban Trail.  All sections of the Centennial and Interurban Trails are paved. However, the Interurban Trail does not have designated trailheads with available parking (it only has access points). The majority of the Whitehorse Trail is packed gravel which is suitable for wheelchairs. The paved sections of the Whitehorse Trail are at Cicero and the SR 530 Slide Memorial. Unfortunately, parking at Cicero does not have wheelchair access to the trail and parking at the memorial will not be available until the rest of the facility is completed by the fall of 2023.

At this time, we recommend the Centennial Trail for great ADA access. The Machias Trailhead has restrooms while all other trailheads utilize ADA compliant Sanicans. Our trailhead recommendations are listed below from north to south. Trailhead numbers match those on the Centennial Trail map.  

Centennial Trail - Nakashima Barn (North) Trailhead #1

Located at the far north end of the Centennial Trail, the North Trailhead (also known as the Nakashima Barn) is our number one pick for access, beauty, and amenities. The main parking lot is paved with four ADA compliant stalls located near the trail. If you brought a horse, there are two more ADA stalls in the equestrian/trailor lot.

Looking down on main parking lot with trail in distance
End of trail with barn in distance
Two ADA parking stalls with connecting trail and park bench


Centennial Trail - Armar Trailhead #3

North-centrally located, Armar sits just off of Arlington's 67th Ave. Two ADA stalls sit close to an accessible picnic table and the wide, level spur trail which leads to the main trail. 

ADA parking stall at Armar Trailhead
Lawn and tables at Armar Trailhead
Two 4-top tables and bench next to connecting path


Centennial Trail - Getchell Trailhead #4

Centrally located, the Getchell Trailhead sits just off of 84th Street. Two van-sized ADA parking stalls and two Sanicans (1 ADA, 1 standard) are located a very short distance from the trail.  Sections immediately to the north and south were repaved in early 2023.

Getchell Trailhead parking stalls and Sanicans
Benches sit along the south facing Centennial Trail
Benches sit along the north facing Centennial Trail with the 84th Street crossing light in distance


Centennial Trail - Lake Cassidy Trailhead #5

Technically a park, Lake Cassidy serves primarily as a point-of-interest and trailhead for the Centennial Trail. In addition to a dock that offers fishing and views of the lake, the site provides picnic tables, a Sanican, interpretive kiosk, and a 2-stall parking lot (both ADA spaces). Getting to the trail is by way of a paved, sloped path. Getting to the trailhead is by a gated service road which can be a little tricky to find. Driving directions and links can be found under the Lake Cassidy section of our CT Trailheads page. To apply for the gate access code, click here.  

Picnic tables and dock at Lake Cassidy Trailhead
Parking stalls at Lake Cassidy Trailhead
Access path connecting Lake Cassidy Trailhead parking to the Centennial Trail


Centennial Trail - SR 92 Trailhead #7

Located just south of SR 92, this trailhead can be accessed from 127th Avenue.  One van-sized ADA stall is available.  Trail access was repaved 2023.

ADA Parking stall at 92nd Street Trailhead
Repaved entrance to the trail
Repaved entrance at SR 92 entrance


Centennial Tail - 20th Street Trailhead #8

Moving into the southern half of the trail is the 20th Street Trailhead. Four paved stalls and an ADA Sanican are located next to a paved, sloped (but short) path that connects to the trail.

Southbound on the trail with benches and parking lot to the right
Parking stalls, Sanican, and sloped connecting path to trail
Interpretive sign next to the paved ADA parking stalls


Centennial Tail - Machias Trailhead #9

The Machias Trailhead is located on the southern half of the trail. At this time, only one van-sized parking stall is available. There is easy access to the trail, playground, restrooms (open year-round), drinking fountain, and Depot Picnic Shelter. 

Machias Trailhead parking lot
Machias Trailhead playground
Machias Trailhead ramps leading to restrooms and Depot Shelter


Whitehorse Trail - Miller Shingle

Located at 21021 SR 530, Arlington, the trailhead at Miller Shingle Park provides paved ADA designated parking stalls and direct access to the Whitehorse Trail.  

Distant hills reflect on Miller Shingle beaver pond
Five van accessible ADA parking stalls at Miller Shingle Trailhead
Asphalt to gravel transition from Miller Shingle parking lot to Whitehorse Trail