Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our nation, as well as our local community, have long histories of systemic racism and oppression that have reinforced harmful practices and discriminatory power structures over many generations. Historically, predominately white institutions excluded people of color or treated them differently. Child welfare is no exception and the Snohomish County Office of the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is committed to working in partnership with our community members to achieve positive change and ensure diversity, equity and inclusion is central to our work at every level in a respectful manner.

Historical and generational trauma continues to compound the traumatic load of the children we serve today. African American, Native American and LGBTQ children in particular are disproportionally represented in child welfare and continue to experience unequal outcomes.  We understand the critical need for our volunteers and staff to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Inclusion is one of our four core values; it is a pillar of our program at the structural level and in our daily work with children and families. We are committed to recruiting a team that reflects and honors our diverse community.

It is equally essential that the Snohomish County Office of the CASA demonstrates our commitment to continued education on the subjects of race, culture, affirming practices, and inclusion at all levels. Our volunteers and staff commit to actively seeking out opportunities to expand our understanding of these subjects to support our lifetime journey of learning.

It is our pleasure to invite our local community into our program to create an inclusive culture at CASA where everyone can influence positive, systemic change and give children hope for a bright future.