Yew Way / SR 524 Improvements


Snohomish County Public Works plans to widen and restripe Yew Way/State Route 524 near Maltby between Paradise Lake Rd and Maltby Rd to allow for an additional southbound left-turn lane from Yew Way to Paradise Lake Rd/SR 522. 

The widening will also include 300 feet south of Paradise Lake Rd on West Bostian Rd. The current southbound lane to West Bostian Rd with a left turn option will be maintained. This improvement will ease traffic congestion on southbound Yew Way, eastbound Paradise Lake Rd and SR 522.


Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2023.

Traffic Impact

A single-lane closure will be required during construction.


Funding for construction will come from the Snohomish County Road Fund.

Land Disturbing Activity (LDA) Permit

This project will be reviewed for compliance with Chapter 30.63A (Drainage) and Chapter 30.63B (Land Disturbing Activity) SCC, as well as other applicable regulations in Title 30 SCC. Public Works will exercise its authority under Rule 5001 (Revised 10/2020).

A notice of Land Disturbing Activity (LDA) was published on April 24, 2022 and the 21-day comment period ended May 16, 2022.