License a Kennel or Animal Business

Our service area is limited to 
unincorporated outside of city or town limits
Snohomish County. Most cities have their own animal services agencies. 

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A Snohomish County kennel or animal business license is required when 4 or more dogs are owned, kept, or maintained at a facility, establishment, residence or other premises by any person(s). 

Select the tabs below to find out which type of animal business license you need.

  1. Private Kennels: Households with 4-10 Dogs
  2. Animal Businesses & Commercial Kennels

If you own, keep, or maintain 4-10 dogs at your private residence, Snohomish County considers your home a private kennel and you must obtain a private kennel license. 

Requirements for private kennels:

  • private kennel license (renewed annually)
  • pet licenses for each dog (renewed annually)
  • a fenced area appropriate for the breed and number of dogs
  • suitable shelter to protect the animal from excessive heat or cold, sunlight, rain, snow, wind and other elements
  • sufficient food and water that is accessible and free from contamination
  • private kennels are subject to periodic inspections by an Animal Control Officer

To apply:

1. Complete an application form

2. Submit your completed application and the correct fee using an approved form of payment

In Person

Bring your completed application and approved payment method to Snohomish County Animal Services (located at the Snohomish County Government Campus on the first floor of the Admin West Building). 

Payment methods accepted: Cash, credit card, check

By Mail

Send your completed application and the correct fee, including the legal advertisement fee for initial applications to:

Snohomish County Auditor
Animal Services Division
3000 Rockefeller Ave. M/S 306
Everett, WA 98201-4046

Payment methods accepted: Personal check, cashier’s check, money order

By Email

Send your completed application form to

A staff member will contact you for payment over the phone.

Payment methods accepted: Visa and Mastercard