Jury Duty in Superior Court

Snohomish County Superior Court sincerely thanks all jurors for your service and sacrifice.

For Jurors Summoned to Superior Court (blue summons):

Please click here for jury reporting instruction message for the current week. Your term dates for juror service and juror group number are located in the upper right area on your jury summons below the juror badge number. Please check your date of service and group number while reviewing the juror reporting instructions message.

Other Colored Summons - If your summons is any other color than BLUE, you have been summoned to serve in District Court. Please click here to find District Court reporting information.

Civic Duty, Responsibilities, and Questionnaire

Civic Duty:

Welcome to jury duty in Snohomish County Superior Court - without citizen participation our system of democracy would simply not work. Superior Court conducts criminal felony and civil jury trials. There are also civil non-jury trials and bench trials (no jury present, judge decides). Most jury trials have 12 person juries with one-two alternate jurors; other trials utilize a six-person jury.

The Superior Court also contracts with the City of Everett's Municipal Court (located on the west side of the Courthouse) to provide jurors for their trials. Municipal Court trials typically last one to two days.


If the county clerk summoned you to appear for jury duty to serve in Snohomish County Superior Court (blue summons), court administration's staff coordinate and are responsible for such things as:

  • Calling jurors in by group numbers
  • Conducting orientation
  • Providing jury panels for trials
  • Sending jurors "work certificates" for employers

Your jury term is for one week or one trial. Many trials resolve within the week, but some go longer. The court will provide information regarding length of service on the first day of service.


Prior to your service, if you have access to the Internet please remember to complete the questionnaire, which is the bottom portion of your summons. You may also mail your completed form to the county clerk. Completing the questionnaire prior to the start of jury service will save time.

ADA Accommodations:

If you believe you will need assistance under the Americans with Disabilities Act while serving, please review the ADA accommodations page and make a request.

Reporting for Jury Duty:

Report Times:

To determine if you have to report for jury service, please view the online juror report instructions or call the voice message (425.388.3410) after 5 p.m. the Friday before your jury service or at any time the weekend prior to your jury service. Typically, jurors are asked to arrive no later than 8:10 a.m. however, reporting times can vary so it is important to check the reporting instructions. To avoid potential frustration please arrive on time. Jurors who arrive late may be turned away and will have to reschedule their jury service.

Jury Assembly Room:

If your group number has been called for duty you will be instructed to report to the Jury Assembly Room (JAR) on your first day of service. The entrance to the courthouse is near the north of the building (close to Wall St. and Rockefeller Ave.). As you enter the building you will go through security then take the elevator or stairs to the 2nd floor. The Jury Assembly Room is directly west from the elevator or stairs. There is Wi-Fi available and ample charging ports throughout the room. There is also a refrigerator and microwave oven available if you choose to bring your own lunch or snacks. Jurors are encouraged to bring reading material as waiting is inevitable and unavoidable.


Free parking for jurors is available in the Snohomish County parking garage connected to the courthouse and adjacent to Angel of the Winds Arena. Jurors may enter the parking garage at either the Oakes Avenue entrance or Pacific Avenue entrance. Please take a parking ticket from the machine as you drive in and park on levels C through G. This parking ticket along with the juror parking permit included in your juror summons will need to be provided to the parking attendant as you leave each day to park without paying so retain both items in a secure location. If the parking attendant indicates the garage is full or if you have a vehicle that is over 6'10" in height you may park on the surface lot, please leave the juror parking permit that was included in your summons clearly visible on the dashboard of your vehicle. Do not pay for parking when using the juror parking permit. The parking attendance will accept the displayed permit as paid parking. Jurors will not pay for parking when following these guidelines. Please avoid parking on the surface streets. Parking is limited to 90 minutes and heavily monitored. Parking tickets cannot be reimbursed.

Jury Process:

The check in process begins approximately 30 minutes prior to jury orientation. Please provide your juror summons or badge to staff as you enter to get attendance for your jury service. Jury orientation will begin with two videos (30 minutes total) and jury staff will provide additional information regarding jury service and courtroom assignment. Jurors should anticipate being at the courthouse until 4:30 p.m. Jury staff will provide information at orientation regarding jury pay, mileage, and work certification.

Service Term:

Your jury term is for one week or one trial. Many trials resolve within the week, but some go longer. The court will provide information regarding length of service on the first day of service. The judge will inform the jurors of the expected length of that trial. If not selected for that trial, you may be instructed to check with jury staff for further instructions.

Voir Dire:

Otherwise known as the jury selection process. A jury panel is a group of jurors randomly selected by the computer. Each juror is given a number badge prior to going to the courtroom to begin the voir dire (jury selection) process. The judge, prosecutor / plaintiff's attorney, or defense / respondent's attorney will ask questions of jurors to help select the panel for that trial.

Empaneled Jurors:

Once selected to serve on a trial, the judge will swear in the selected jurors. The court is counting on each juror to be there every day until a verdict is reached and the judge releases you. You must not discuss the case with anyone once you are sworn on the case. You must not research the laws, history of the case, blog, or post on any form of social media - as doing so could lead to a mistrial.

Daily Schedule:

The court day is generally from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for jurors. Generally, the court provides a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon. Lunch is approximately from noon to 1:00 p.m. Jurors are not required to stay in the courthouse during the lunch hour. The judge for the assigned trial will provide specific instructions regarding breaks and lunch times. Jurors are sometimes also excused to the jury rooms adjacent to the courtroom if issues must be discussed / decided outside the jurors' presence. Once a juror is empaneled on a trial, you are instructed to report as directed by the judge and/or law clerk.

Exit Questionnaires:

Upon completing your service, we ask for each juror's feedback. Monthly summaries of all juror data and comments are provided to the Superior Court bench – the judges read each and every comment. It is because of juror comments that improvements to the system have been made over the years. You will be provided an exit questionnaire when you report for duty; however, if it is lost or forgotten, you may access a copy (PDF). Please be sure to fill in your date of service on this form. You may mail in your questionnaire or scan and email it to the jury coordinator.