Traffic Infractions

How to Respond

If you have lost your copy of the infraction, please go to the court in person to request a copy. You must respond to the infraction within 15 days of receiving it by marking one of the three responses listed on the back or front the infraction. You must respond in writing. Untimely hearing requests will not be processed.

If you wish to pay the infraction, pay online or send the infraction along with a check or money order made payable to:
SCDC Central Functions
3000 Rockefeller Ave. M/S 508
Everett, WA 98201

If you want to request a hearing, complete the hearing request form (PDF) or mark the appropriate box located either on the front or back of the infraction. Mark the box that best describes the type of hearing you want. Please print your name and address in the designated space and sign. Once the court receives the request, a notice of hearing will be mailed to you. Untimely hearing requests will not be processed.

Drop Box

A drop box is located at each division of the District Court. You may drop off payments and/or hearing requests. Please include full name and case number on all documents. Please do not place cash in the drop box.

Deferred Findings

You may request a deferred finding at your scheduled hearing. The court may enter a deferred finding. Entry of a deferred finding is discretionary and the judge will determine whether or not a deferred finding will be granted. By statute you may not qualify for a deferred finding. If you are granted a deferred finding, you will be assessed an administrative fee in the amount of $136. This fee will be due in full on the day of your hearing. Please be prepared to pay with cash, credit card, or debit card. Personal checks will not be accepted.

Court Dates & Continuances

To find out the date you are schedule to appear in District Court, view the Washington Courts website and select the find my court date links.

If you have received a hearing notice and you are unable to appear for the hearing, you must file a written request for a continuance. Requests must be filed at least five days prior to the scheduled hearing.

The request must include the reason for the continuance and a waiver of your right to a speedy hearing (PDF). Only one timely continuance is granted unless it is a medical emergency. Your request will be reviewed by the court on or before the hearing date.

Infraction Options by Mail

Instead of appearing in court on the date and time schedule on your hearing notice, you have the option of a mitigation or contested hearing by mail. If you decide to proceed with a hearing by mail, you will not be required to appear in court. Instead you must complete the Defendant's Statement and Declaration. The proper division must receive your Statement and Declaration at least five days prior to the scheduled hearing date.

Fail to Respond, Appear, or Pay

If you failed to respond to the infraction, failed to appear for your hearing, or failed to pay your penalty, the court will enter an order finding the infraction committed. An additional $52 penalty will be imposed and the Department of Licensing will be notified. In most cases your driver's license will be suspended and the matter will be referred to a licensed collection agency.

To clear this matter and avoid assignment to collection, you need to pay the original penalty plus the $52 late penalty.

Discovery Requests

Requests for discovery must be made to the county or city Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Find contact information.

Infraction Identity Challenges

Please visit the division of District Court where the infraction is filed for information regarding scheduling an identification hearing (PDF).

Change of Address

To advise the court of your updated address, complete the Address Change Form (PDF) and mail it to the proper division of District Court, or visit any division of District Court.