ADA Accommodations for Clerk Services

If you have a disability and believe you may need an accommodation to fully and equally participate in a Clerk program or service such as accessing court records or filing court documents, you may request an accommodation.

Accommodation requests are granted to any qualified person with a disability for whom an accommodation is reasonable and necessary under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Washington Law Against Discrimination (RCW 49.60 et seq.), or other similar local, state, and federal laws.


A reasonable request will be granted unless it would:

  • Be an undue financial or administrative burden;
  • Fundamentally alter a Clerk program or service;
  • Threaten someone's safety or well-being; or
  • Not qualify as a Clerk service (i.e. Superior Court service or program) 

You may be required to provide additional information that allows the Clerk to properly evaluate your reasonable accommodation request. Medical or other health information submitted or requested will remain confidential and retained by the Clerk along with a copy of the accommodation request and Clerk’s decision pursuant to Washington State Local Government Records Retention Schedule (GS50-04C-01). Generally, five-day advance notice is required to review reasonable accommodation requests. However, a response to an immediate need for accommodation will be provided to the fullest extent possible.

Please complete the Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form to initiate your request and follow the instructions on the form to submit.

Contact Us: 


Phone: 425-388-3466

Fax: 425-388-3806

Mailing Address:

Clerk Accommodation Coordinator

Attn: Customer Services Manager

3000 Rockefeller Avenue

M/S 605

Everett, WA 98201

For accommodations for Superior Court proceedings, programs, or services, please contact the Superior Court Accommodation Coordinator by visiting their webpage here. The Clerk Accommodation Coordinator will not respond to accommodation requests for Superior Court services or programs such as court proceedings, hearing amplification/assisted listening devices, parking access, pen and paper, or structural access. 

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