Benefits Planning

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  1. Available Services

Services Available to Individuals who are eligible for DDA and live in Snohomish County

  • Assistance to individuals and/or their families in navigating and understanding the Social Security system. 
  • Assistance to individuals who are employed or interested in working to understand their Social Security benefits. 
  • Assistance to individuals in understanding how employment affects Social Security benefits and how work incentives may be used to reach employment goals. 
  • Assistance to individuals with overpayments
  • Assistance to individuals in developing, maintaining and utilizing Social Security work incentives to help maintain Medicaid or Medicare benefits and retain more cash benefits and keep vital state benefits in place. 
  • Educate individuals, families and community agencies on the basics of Social Security and Social Security work incentive programs through outreach and trainings. 
  • Utilize Social Security benefits to access potential community resources such as Section 8 housing, food assistance, and Ticket-to-Work. 
  • Trainings, workshops and presentations available to schools, employment providers, and community partners upon request.
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