Person Centered Planning

Person Centered planning is a facilitated process that supports a person to achieve their dreams. It is a tool to celebrate where a person has been, where they are and where they want to go.

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The planning process is designed for people who want clearly identified goals and the support to implement them. Facilitators accomplish this by meeting with the focal person, their family and other key people to develop a personalized plan based on individual’s skills, interests and dreams of the future.

Our Planning process is designed for people who are:

  1. Looking for a job that matches your skills and interests
  2. May want to make a career change
  3. Exploring options to develop relationships and connect in your community 
  4. Students starting to figure out their career path

Person Centered Planning Supports:

  • Developing a clear path to the future
  • Supporting your dreams
  • Identifying your gifts
  • Finding your focus
  • Achieving greater clarity in your life

Person Centered Planning 5-Step Process:

  1. The Facilitator identifies outcomes and designs the process
  2. The individual shares their story and explores the purpose of their life
  3. The Facilitator completes the picture of the individual's life map
  4. The Facilitator meets again to check the progress and develop next steps
  5. One year check in to fill out a survey with the Facilitator