School to Work

School to Work (S2W)

School to Work is a partnership between schools, Snohomish County Developmental Disabilities, the State Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), and Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRP) to assist students with gainful employment before they leave school and provide ongoing support as needed

Key Benefits

  • Students of all abilities will have an opportunity for employment
  • Students will leave school with jobs
  • Families/students/schools are aware of the “adult services” before exiting school
  • Students who qualify will have permanent eligibility with DDA by age 18
  • Students are enrolled with DVR early
  • Students have applied for SSI at age 18
  • Students are an active part of choosing their Employment Provider 
  • All systems involved will work together and will share resources to reach the same employment goal
  • Transition goals will be individualized, clearly defined and completed prior to exiting school
  • Students in Transition will have the opportunity to plan for their future through Person Centered Planning 
  • Students and their team have identified reliable transportation and other important details for their successful transition


  • Must submit an application packet (application, consent, Q&A). Please note that if you have a Job Foundation Report, you are already enrolled in S2W
  • Preferred that participants complete a Job Foundation Report prior to S2W (can apply ages 19-20) talk to your Transition teacher for more information or email
  • Be eligible for Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) services 
  • Be 20-21 years of age (3rd year of Transition)
  • Be committed to working (individualized to each participant)
  • Have reliable transportation to and from job
  • Be eligible for Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)
  • Choose an Employment Provider
  • Apply for Social Security Benefits 
  • Be eligible for Medicaid (SSI and Medicaid are linked in the SSI application process. Medicaid pays for your long-term Job Coach)


Additional resources are available on the Resources page

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