Individual Employment

Individual Employment is designed to support an individual to obtain community employment. All Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) eligible participants are encouraged to participate. Individualized vocational services are based on a Career Path Service Plan designed to support a participant to pursue and/or maintain community employment.

Watch 'Finding You Employment Provider' to learn more about the process of choosing an Employment Provider.

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  1. INTAKE - An initial meeting to gather and share basic information. 
  2. DISCOVERY - A person centered approach to learning your likes and dislikes, job preference, goals and skills in order to develop an employment plan. 
  3. JOB PREPARATION - Work readiness activities that may include trial work experience, and transportation training. 
  4. MARKETING - Identifying and negotiating jobs, building relationships with employers and customized employment development. 
  5. JOB COACHING - Supports needed to perform and excel in your job. 
  6. JOB RETENTION - Support to keep your job, maintain positive relationships with employer, identify opportunities, negotiate a raise in pay, promotion.