South Fork Sauk River Bridge No. 540 - Bridge Repair

Description - Completed June 18, 2015

The construction on the bridge is finished and the project is complete. This is the first project to utilize Snohomish County Road Maintenance’s in-house staff to create structural steel components. After reviewing pre-manufactured structural steel options, management found it to be more cost effective to bring this work in-house. Training was expanded to Road Maintenance staff already familiar with steel-manufacturing. By providing road maintenance crews with specific tooling equipment for fabrication, the Road Maintenance Division gained cost savings as well as the ability to maintain control over the work schedule. The crew successfully built an 80-foot steel span for Bridge 540.


Bridge No. 540 is located off of Mountain Loop Highway approximately 15 miles south of Darrington in northeast Snohomish County. The bridge, originally built in 1986, is a one lane steel and timber structure that had been considered for replacement.

In October 2009 the county posted a 3-ton weight limit as a precaution due to deterioration of log girders beneath the bridge. In May 2012 the bridge was briefly closed for interim repairs.

After discussing replacement options with property owners in early 2014, a decision was made to repair, rather than replace the bridge.

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