Probation Services

Mission Statement:

“The Snohomish County District Court Probation Division's mission is to serve the community by providing evidence-based services and education programs designed to improve safety and accountability”


We accomplish this through:

  • monitoring court requirements,
  • facilitating educational and treatment opportunities,  
  • building partnerships with law enforcement and a variety of local community agencies,
  • providing extra support through Therapeutic Courts and,
  • providing swift, certain, and fair responses to client behaviors.

Probation Programs Information Sheet

Probation Contact Information

Division Title Name Phone Number Fax Number
Cascade Probation Clerk   (360)435-7720 (360)435-7725
Cascade Probation Officer Lindsey Diederichs (425) 388-7179  
Everett Probation Clerk   (425) 388-3497 (425) 388-3912
Everett Probation Officer Daniela De Paz Esquivel (425) 262-2235  
Everett Probation Officer Clayton Rennie (425) 388-3860  
Evergreen Probation Clerk   (360) 805-6780 (360) 805-6717
Evergreen Probation Officer Charles Morrison (360) 805-6102  
South Probation Clerk   (425) 744-6816 (425) 744-6825
South Probation Officer Melissa Sequeira (425) 262-2422  
South Probation Officer Ramiro Castro (425) 744-6893  
  Probation Senior Donna Struthers (360) 435-7709  

Contact Us

Jen Crossen
Probation and Community Programs Manager

Office Phone: (360) 805-6781
Cell Phone: (425) 231-2611

Resource Links

The below lists offered by Snohomish County District Court Probation Department are solely for your convenience. Inclusion on this list should not be construed as an endorsement for any treatment provider or quality of services rendered. Please note, while we strive to keep these lists up to date, there will be times when providers are no longer available and new providers have not been added.

DUI Victim Panel

Behavioral Health Agency Referral

Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS)

Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment

Anger Management Treatment Community Service Sites

Consumer Awareness Class

Probation FAQ's

Court Ordered Monitoring

Probation Officers monitor compliance with court-ordered requirements through electronic records check, telephone and in-person contacts. Further, they mentor clients and utilize risk, needs and responsivity assessments to refer clients to appropriate additional services based on their criminogenic needs. Probation officers work with the clients to build individualized case plans to elicit behavior change.

Electronic Home Detention

Jail alternative program for qualified low-risk, post-adjudicated individuals that hold participants accountable for their actions while allowing them to continue their employment, treatment and court ordered requirements. This program uses transdermal alcohol monitoring and Global Position System tracking through ankle monitors. Snohomish County District Court requires all court ordered participants to have an initial appointment with the Electronic Monitoring Coordinator to discuss court-ordered conditions and eligibility as well as set up monitoring requirements.

The lists offered below are solely for your convenience. This list is subject to change at any time and without any warning. If you do not see the agency you wish to use for electronic home monitoring, please contact the EM Coordinator before you enroll with that agency. It may not be an approved agency and you may not get any credit for any time you have enrolled with an unapproved agency. 

Electronic Home Detention Approved Agency List

Ignition Interlock Agencies List

Name Office Phone Cell Phone Email
Tara Faust (425)744-6827 (425)308-2907

Community Programs

We provide research and evidence-based classes and programs designed to promote public safety, develop positive changes in participant's social or driving behaviors, and reduce recidivism. Court ordered individuals must have judicial approval to attend any of the listed courses. If you need to complete one of these courses for a court outside of Snohomish County District Courts, please contact the Coordinators and they will assist you.

Alive at 25

Operated in partnership with the National Safety Council (NSC), Alive at 25 (AA25) is a highly interactive four (4) hour multimedia course that teaches drivers ages of 15 to 24 the attitudes of personal responsibility and respectful decision-making to ensure they can make safe and legal driving decisions. Alive at 25 may be court-ordered as an option to dismiss a traffic infraction or court-ordered as part of a judgment and sentence.

Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving

Operated in partnership with NSC, Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving (ADD) is a six (6) hour multimedia course recommended for drivers age 21 and older with multiple traffic violations and those with poor driving behaviors who need a catalyst for positive change. The course is designed for court referrals and drivers who exhibit continuing patterns of risky and overly aggressive driving behaviors. This course requires Judicial approval for an infractions or criminal matters.

Domestic Violence – Moral Reconation Training

In partnership with CCI Correctional Counseling, Inc., offers evidence-based programming that help perpetrators take accountability for their actions, understand why they have acted violently and confront those tendencies in current situations. The programs are founded on cognitive behavioral programming developed by Correctional Counseling called Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT). The program is court ordered for those with a Domestic Violence charge. The program is set up as 24 modules with each module completed in a group session. Groups are one and one-half (1.5) hours and held on Tuesday’s from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm or Friday’s from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.

Relicensing Accountability Program

The Relicensing Accountability Program is for people whose driving privileges are currently suspended and are holding up their ability to obtain a driver’s license. This court works with all Snohomish County District Court Divisions (Cascade, Everett, Evergreen, South). Candidates must be referred to the program through the following four outlets: Judge, Probation, Embedded Social Worker, Resource Center.

Community Programs Contact Information

  Name   Phone Number Fax Number Email
  Main Line   (425) 262-2580 (425) 744-6825
  Kareena Lauer   (425) 312-0899    
  Denise Hotchkiss-Yuse        

Specialty Courts

Mental Health Court

Snohomish County Mental Health Court is a diversion program for individuals with serious mental illness who have been charged with one or more criminal offenses. 

The Mental Health Court handles criminal cases and is not involved in Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA) cases. If you have questions about an ITA case, please contact Human Services at or (425) 388-7200. 

For more information about our Mental Health Court please click here.