Name Changes

Forms for Name Changes

Name Change Information

Petition for Name Change (Adult)

Petition for Name Change (Minor)

Consent of Natural Parent for Change of Name (Minor)

Motion to Waive Fees

Financial Declaration 

Request a Petition for Name Change from the division of the District Court closest to your residence. Complete the Petition for Name Change (Adult) or Petition For Name Change (Minor). Children must live within the jurisdiction of the Snohomish County District Court.

Sealing of Records

The following name change records may be sealed when the Petition for Change of Name is filed in Superior Court:

  • When petitioner is an emancipated minor under chapter 13.64 RCW, or has received asylum, refugee, or special immigrant juvenile status.
  • If the reason for the name change is related to gender expression or identity, or due to an experience of or reasonable fear of domestic violence, stalking, unlawful harassment, or coercive control.

Identification Required

You must present valid photo identification at the time of application. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Military identification
  • Naturalization documents
  • Passport

Other forms of valid photo identification may be accepted at the discretion of a Judicial Officer.

Minors: Parental Consent

All applicants under 18 years of age must be represented by a parent or legal guardian and both biological or legal parents or guardian must approve the change of name, either by personal appearance or by affidavit, unless good cause is shown. If one biological parent’s whereabouts is unknown, the court must be satisfied that the petitioner made attempts to provide notice to the absent parent by sending, via certified mail with a return receipt, to the last known address. (Requests for exceptions to this policy must be presented to the judge).

In addition, Snohomish County local court rules require that the parent or guardian provide the court a certified copy of the minor’s birth certificate that can be verified and copied by the court.


Name change fees are $58.50 plus $203.50 auditor recording fee.

As part of the filing fee you will be provide three certified copies of the name change order. Each additional copy is $5. Any individual, on the basis of indigent status as defined by GR 34, may seek a waiver of filing fees or surcharges pursuant to GR34. The Motion to Waive Fees can be accessed above or at one of our divisions.

Suggested Agency Contacts

You should consider notifying the following agencies / parties with certified copies of the order:

  • Department of Health (DOH)
  • Department of Licensing
  • Insurance Companies
  • Social Security
  • Vital Statistics

If you were born in Washington State and wish to change your birth certificate, send certified copies of the court order to:
Legal Name Change
DOH - Center for Health Statistics
P.O. Box 9709
Olympia, WA 98507-9709

Contact the Department of Health for procedures and fee information.

Born Outside of Washington State

If you were born in another state, mail a certified copy of the court order to the vital records office in the state of birth. Contact your state of birth for procedures and fee information.