Veterans' Assistance Program

The Veterans' Assistance Fund is intended to provide limited emergency assistance to eligible veterans and dependents in Snohomish County. Some of the attributes and provisions of the program include:
  • Provides emergency financial assistance for honorably discharged veterans, veterans' widows, and qualified dependents
  • Arranges for mental health and alcohol / drug assessment and treatment at a VA Medical Center
  • Provides outreach to veterans at home and in jail
  • Helps veterans in filing for VA benefits
Veterans' Assistance Fund Eligibility
For Veterans' Assistance Fund Eligibility Information please come by our office or call 425-388-7255.

Network of CareNetwork of Care
If you need help and do not know where to turn, please visit the Network of Care website. 

Additional Resources for Our Military Families
  • Crisis Hotline: 800-273-8255
  • Regional Assistance:
  • Resources for Specific Needs:
    • Resources for Veterans
    • VA Alcohol and Drug Intake: 206-277-3600
    • VA Disability Claims (Rene Taculad): 425-304-1223
    • VA Disability Claims (NABVETS): 425-218-0034
    • VA Healthcare for Homeless Veterans: 206-764-2007, ext. 61551
    • WorkSource Veterans Program: 425-258-6322
    • Other Housing, Food, and Shelter Assistance: 2-1-1