Protection Orders

Here you will find resources, forms, and other information related to protection orders.


Below is a link to the Ex Parte Hearings calendar. These are the hearings where, among other things, protection order requests are heard.

2022 Ex Parte Calendar

If the color-coded calendar above does not work for you, we also provide Ex Parte dates in the lists below.

Evergreen Division

Everett Division

South Division

Cascade Division

Where To File

Administrative Order 22-07 deals with where Protection Orders should be filed.

Superior Court Transfers

There are certain kinds of petitions, or circumstances, that may require your case to be transferred to Superior Court.  The judge at your first hearing will determine if the law requires your case be transferred.  You will be provided with the court location, date, and time if your case is transferred.

Filing Fees

No filing fees will be charged for petitions for domestic violence protection orders defined by RCW 7.105.100(1)(a), sexual assault protection orders defined by RCW 7.105.100(1)(b), stalking protection orders as defined in RCW 7.105.100(1)(c) or extreme risk protection orders defined by RCW 7.105.100(e).

Filing fees will be charged for antiharassment protection orders unless the petitioner is seeking the order against a person the court determines has engaged in:

  • acts of stalking as defined in RCW 9A.46.110,
  • a hate crime under RCW 9A.36.080(1)(c),
  • a single act of violence or threat of violence under RCW 7.105.010(35)(b),
  • nonconsensual sexual conduct or penetration or conduct that would constitute a sex offense as defined in RCW 9A.44.128, or
  • conduct that would constitute domestic violence and they are a family or household member or intimate partner.

 In any case that the court may charge a filing fee, the court may waive the filing fee if the court determines that the person seeking the order is not able to pay the costs of filing. If a filing fee is charged, the cost will be $83.00.

Community Resources

There are a number of agencies and groups that can provide you with assistance related to the circumstances around your protection order. You can view a list by clicking this link here.


Below is a list of forms you will need to complete when requesting a protection order. These forms are in the PDF file format. You may type in the form before you print it or fill it out by hand. 

Additional Forms