Information for Interpreters

Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 outbreak District Court is running limited caseloads. For more information please review Emergency Administrative Order 20-04.

Beginning June 1st we are setting virtual hearings for the following case types:

Virtual Hearings (Zoom)

Non-contested probation compliance hearings

Civil motions

Ex-parte motions

Contested infractions

Mitigation hearings

Name changes

Non-testimonial motions

Disposition hearings

Pre-trial/confirmation hearings

If the court posts a job to be filled and it is set via virtual hearing (ZOOM), the court will include the necessary information for the interpreter to appear for the virtual hearing assignment.

District Court prefers that interpreters attend virtual hearings via Zoom. However, if the interpreter accepts the job and wishes to appear in person at the court division on the date and time of the hearing, the interpreter must COMPLY WITH ALL APPROPRIATE COVID-19 HEALTH GUIDELINES WHEN THEY APPEAR.

All persons entering the courtroom are required to wear a facial cover which covers both the nose and mouth unless they have a documented medical condition which restricts them from wearing one. All persons entering the courtroom, including interpreters, must bring a clean facial covering with them when they appear, as the court will not provide facial covers. In addition, all persons entering the courtroom must comply with social distancing guidelines and allow for a distance of six feet between people at all times.


The Snohomish County Superior \ Juvenile and District courts interpreter web system empowers court staff and court approved interpreters to efficiently and conveniently manage schedule and assignment of interpreter services. The Snohomish County Superior \ Juvenile and District courts requires interpreter services in processing court cases for a variety of languages.

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