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Snohomish County District Court Local Court Rules

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View Snohomish County District Court Local Rules

  1. Snohomish County District Court is amending its local rules. You can see the proposed rules here. The comment period will be open through May 31, 2022. Written comments may be sent to Kathy Koehler, Court Administrator, at kathryn.koehler@snoco.org.

SCLCrRLJ 7.1: Deferred Prosecution Petition & Order

A Petition for Deferred Prosecution pursuant to RCW 10.05 must be filed with the Court’s Probation Department and the prosecuting authority no later

than seven (7) days prior to proposed entry unless good cause exists for delay. An Order deferring prosecution will not be approved by probation unless proof of compliance with the following is shown:

  1. Petition for Deferred Prosecution is submitted on the form identified in CrRLJ 4.2.
  2. Order for Deferred Prosecution is submitted on a form approved for use by the Court.
  3. Petitioner has completed at least eighteen (18 ) hours of Phase I Treatment.
  4. An ignition interlock device has been installed as required by statute.