The Snohomish County Weatherization program provides FREE home energy improvements and conservation education to qualifying low-income households. We help homeowners and renters lower their utility costs and make their homes more comfortable. 

There are two qualifiers for the program: 1) household income eligibility through verification, and 2) energy/weatherization improvement eligibility through a home assessment. Qualifying based on income does not guarantee your home will be eligible for energy/weatherization improvements.

Examples of improvements can include:

  • Installation of insulation, air sealing, weather stripping, and other efficiency measures
  • Heating system repair or improvements
  • Ventilation improvements
  • Safety improvements

Single-family homes, mobile homes, duplexes, and multi-family buildings may apply. Renters may apply with required property owner approval and landlord agreement.

Program Process

  1. Snohomish County will verify your income: View the program income guidelines by household and complete the Pre-Qualification Form if you meet the criteria, and we will send you a complete application. Applicants must meet program and income requirements and provide income verification documentation before we proceed to the next step.
  2. Snohomish County will verify energy improvement eligibility: If income requirements are met through the application process, an energy assessment of the home will be scheduled in 4-6 months to determine if your home is eligible for improvements or repairs.

Apply Today!

For more information, call 425-388-7205, or email it to

If you are looking for assistance with utility bill payment during the heating season, please visit the Energy Assistance Program.