ADA Picnic Areas

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Picnicking can be enjoyed in nearly every Snohomish County Park. Most parks offer some picnic amenities but ease of access can vary by park. We have 121 parks in our system, so we can't highlight them all here. The ones listed below were selected because they have covered picnic shelters and/or possess unique features that make for a great day in the park.  Additional information can be found on our general Picnic Shelter webpage.    

FL Picnic Area
A paved path leads to a wooden picnic shelter with a green roof surrounded by trees
Tables along the shoreline

Flowing Lake Park

Flowing Lake Park offers a new, timber-framed picnic shelter beneath tall evergreen trees.  An inclined, paved, pathway connects to the adjoining parking lot with other pathways navigating the day-use area. Picnic tables are located a short distance from the pathway. Tables, which are scattered along the shoreline, will be more challenging to access. Restrooms meet older ADA standards. Free day-use parking for WA residents with permanent ADA placard or plates.


Shelter 1
Kite Shelter
Shelter view from beach

Kayak Point Park

A very popular park in Snohomish County, Kayak Point Park's sweeping views of Port Susan are a picnicker's paradise. Currently, there is a large "south" shelter, a kite shelter, and ten small "north shelters".  All shelters offer an ADA compliant picnic table. The south and kite shelters can be accessed by paved pathways. While there are no paved pathways to the smaller north shelters, we recommend shelters 1-5 as parking spaces are located closer by.  Free day-use parking for WA residents with permanent ADA placard or plates. 

Please note: Beginning July 5, 2023, the Kayak Point day-use area will be closed for major renovations for the Kayak Point Park Day-Use Improvement Project.  


Martha Lake pathways and Shelter 3
Martha Lake Shelter 1
Shelter two

Martha Lake Park

Martha Lake Park is a wonderful urban park offering picnic shelters, benches, wide pathways, and easy access to the water. There are many picnic tables peppered throughout the park but only a few have wheelchair access. Shelters 1 and 2 offer easy access with S1 being closest to parking while S2 is closest to the ADA restrooms, swim dock and beach. Shelter 3, located on the west side of the park is not recommended due to lack of paved pathway and distance from parking. Please be aware there is no ramp access to the park from the west side.


Accessible table
Picnic Table
ADA Table

North Creek Park

North Creek Park may be best known for its boardwalk, but in addition to two picnic shelters, there are three secluded tables that overlook the wetlands, one of which allows for wheelchair access. There are two ADA parking stalls (1 standard, 1 van) next to ramps that lead to gravel paths. Please note, there is no running water at North Creek Park. An ADA compliant sanican is on site.


Tambark Creek Park Picnic Shelter
Small Shelter with ballfield shelter in distance
Tambark shelter and playground

Tambark Creek Park

Tambark Park is one of the county's newer parks so many ADA accommodations were built in. Wide, level or gently sloping paths connect the east side of the park to the west side. Parking is available on both sides. Shelter 1 can be reserved and is conveniently located next to the accessible playground and restrooms. Shelters 2 and 3 are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and are located next to the ball fields. All shelters and restrooms meet ADA standards.  


Shelter 2 by VonJentzen
Wenberg Park waterfront by VonJentzen
2 metal picnic tables under green roofed wooden picnic shelter amongst fir trees.

Wenberg Park

Wenberg's recent renovation in 2017 incorporated numerous improvements for accessing all areas of the day-use area. Picnic shelters can accommodate between 12 and 100 guests. All can be accessed by paved pathways. There are many uncovered picnic tables with great views of Lake Goodwin, though not all are easily accessible. Restrooms are located midway and meet ADA standards. Free day-use parking for WA residents with permanent ADA placard or plates.