Housing Characteristics and Needs Report

2022 Housing Characteristics and Needs Report

Snohomish County is coordinating with its cities and towns in updating the Housing Characteristics and Needs report, also known as the HO-5 report. The report is being prepared through a working group of member municipalities that are part of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) of Snohomish County Tomorrow. The tentative completion date for the report is Spring 2023. The report is being completed in preparation of the 2024 Comprehensive Plan update.

The County and cities have been working on updating the HO-5 report. The draft report and appendices are available for review.

Executive Summary (May 2023)

Draft HO-5 Draft Report Materials (November 2022)

What is the report?

The report provides relevant, up-to-date housing data and information on current and projected future demands for housing and housing supply in Snohomish County and its cities. The most recent version of the report was approved in 2014.

The Housing Characteristics and Needs in Snohomish County Report is a requirement for the County. County-wide Planning Policy HO-5 requires the county and cities to create a housing report.

Report requirements include:

  • Describe the measures that jurisdictions have taken to implement or support County Planning Policies on housing.
  • Quantify and map existing characteristics that are relevant to the results prescribed in County Planning Policies on housing.
  • Identify the number of housing units necessary to meet the various housing needs of the project population.

What information is in the report?

The report includes vital data on population and housing trends in Snohomish County and each of the cities. This information guides the County in creating policies that support developing housing. 


Topic areas in the report include:

  • Population and housing demands
  • Summary of existing housing stock
  • Forecast of future housing needs
  • Residential land supplies
  • Housing needs
  • Tools and resources
  • Monitoring outcomes

The report includes data from the United States Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) and the Housing Authority of Snohomish County (HASCO). The report also includes Snohomish County’s population and employment growth targets.  

How can I review the report?

The report is accessible to everyone including the public, elected officials, and policymakers. Policymakers can use the report in preparing the housing elements for their comprehensive plans. The most recent version of the report was approved in 2014.


How can I learn more?

The Planning Advisory Committee Housing Working Group meets every third Thursday of the month from 11 am to 12 pm. Meetings are held on Zoom and can be viewed by the public. See the Snohomish County Tomorrow Meeting Calendar for dates and meeting information.


For additional information on the Housing Report Update, please contact:  

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