Career Path Services

Individualized vocational services based on a Career Path Service Plan designed to support a participant to pursue and/or maintain community employment

Targeted Outcomes

  • Career Path planning and development is the basis for determining services.
  • Services are individualized for each participant.
  • Services are based on individual choices, preferences and support needs.
  • All participants are supported to pursue and/or maintain community employment.
  • Increases in wages earned and employment benefits received.

Additional Services

  • Independent Planning Services - Individualized person-centered planning to develop an individual’s personal plan for the future and strategies to implement their career path goal.
  • Transition Resource Coordination - Assistance to students in high school to make a successful transition from school to adult services and employment.
  • Orientation Services - Information to individuals who are interested in Career Path Services on ways to navigate the system, understand rights etc.
  • Social Security Benefits Assistance - Understand how being employed affects Social Security


Career Path Services Guide

Career Path Services Cover

Individual Employment

Individual Employment is designed to support an individual to obtain community employment. All Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) eligible participants are encouraged to participate.

Go to the Individual Employment page for more information.

Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion (Access) offers an opportunity to connect to people in an individual’s local community and build relationships with others who have similar interests. These services are individually tailored based on the individual’s interests.

Go to the Community Inclusion page for more information.

Benefits Planning

Assists individuals with developmental disabilities to understand how being employed affects state and federal benefits

Go to the Benefits Planning page for more information.

Person Centered Planning

Person Centered planning is a facilitated process that supports a person to achieve their dreams. It is a tool to celebrate where a person has been, where they are and where they want to go.

Go to the Person Centered Planning page for more information.