Snohomish Garden Townhomes

Project Description

The Snohomish Garden Townhomes project is a 196-unit lot townhome subdivision development on 16.91 acres. The site consists of three tax parcels.

Snohomish Gardens landscape plan graphic

Process Overview

The project site is zoned Planned Community Business (PCB), which allows townhomes as a permitted use. The applicant has applied for a Urban Residential Design Standards (URDS) Site Plan Approval in addition to a Unit Lot Subdivision in order to develop the site with the townhomes on individual lots.  The applicant has agreed to consolidate these permits and have them processed in a Type 2 permit process which requires a public hearing and decision by the Hearing Examiner. To find more information about this process, see Chapter 30.72 of Snohomish County Code.

If or when the project is granted preliminary approval, then a Land Disturbing Activity (LDA) Permit would be obtained to grade the site and install infrastructure including roads, sidewalks, sewer, water, drainage facilities and other utilities.  The applicant would then apply for a Final Plat Approval for the unit lot subdivision and obtain building permits for the townhome structures.

Snohomish Gardens preliminary plat plan graphic

The proposed development is meeting the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) exemption for new construction and infill development in subsections SCC 30.61.035 (2)  & (3).  The applicant has acknowledged that payment of traffic impact fees as required by interlocal agreements under SCC 30.66B.177. SCC 30.66B.710 and SCC30.66b.720, which would still be required as a condition of approval under SCC 30.61.230(6) despite the project itself being deemed exempt from SEPA requirements. The applicant has further agreed to the on and off-site traffic mitigation contained in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that was prepared for the previous proposal on this site, Paradise Lake Road Garden Apartments.

Where we are in the process

  • The application was received by PDS October 13, 2022 
  • Notice of application (Corrected) was provided on November 9, 2022, and a public comment period ended on November 30, 2022.
  • The review of the application is now complete. PDS' technical reviewers analyzed the application for compliance with:
    • Land use, zoning bulk regulations, parking, landscaping, etc.
    • Critical areas (wetlands, streams, etc.)
    • Drainage and Stormwater
    • Traffic Impacts, road (frontage) improvements
    • Fire code 
  • A public hearing date is set for December 14, 2023, at 1:00 p.m.  This will be a hybrid hearing and can be attended in person at 3000 Rockefeller Avenue, Everett, Washington, 98201 Admin East Building, Stillaguamish Room or via Zoom. 
  • Login instructions for attendees to join the hearing are posted on the Hearing Examiner website. 

Next steps (Please note: Specific dates/times for these expected steps depend on the project applicant and other factors): 

  1. Public Hearing. The Snohomish County Hearing Examiner will hold a public hearing for the consolidated project. Any person may provide oral comments during the hearing. Written comment is also accepted during the review process before the hearing and during the hearing.
  2. Decision Issued. The Hearing Examiner will ultimately issue a decision for the proposed consolidated project.  The decision is sent to all parties of record and is appealable to the county council. 

Additional Information

Hearing Examiner

Learn about the Hearing Examiner and the public hearing process using the links below: 

  • Snohomish County Hearing Examiner website
  • A Guide to Hearings Before the Examiner
  • Rules of Procedure. (MS Word)
  • Snohomish County Code - Office of Hearings Administration 

Project Status

Planning and Development Services received application October 13, 2022. The project is scheduled for public hearing on December 14, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.

Application Documents

Submittal Documents can be viewed through the PDS Online Records Portal by using the file number to search (22 116648 PSD).


Project File Numbers

22 116648 PSD, 22 116648 SPA, 22 116649 LDA, 22116787 CBP & 22 116788 CBP

How to Get Involved

To email comments or request to become a party of record, contact the project manager Joshua Machen at Please be sure to include your first and last name in the comments or Party of Record request.