Index-Galena Rd: MP 6.4-6.9 - Flood Damage Repair

April 2020 Update

This project remains on hold pending a decision from the Thurston County Superior Court regarding the judicial appeal of the Shoreline Hearings Board ruling on June 19, 2019, which ruled in favor of the project. The hearing before the court, like many other civil cases, has been delayed due to the COVID-19 response. Hearings are expected to be rescheduled for some time later this year.

No construction is scheduled for 2020. However, we anticipate construction starting in 2021 pending a favorable ruling from the court.


Snohomish County Public Works has repaired 10 of the 11 originally damaged areas from the 2006 heavy rains that severely impaired Index-Galena Road. Currently, milepost 6.4 to 6.9 is the only area left to repair and remains closed to traffic. This portion of road was considered a total loss with significant portions of pavement, road bed, and culverts damaged by the flooding.

Traffic Impact

Access is available to the east end of Index-Galena Road, via US 2 to Beckler River Road to Jack’s Pass. From the east, the road opens to National Forest lands for general recreation, camping and mineral claims along the North Fork Skykomish, Salmon Creek and Silver Creek drainage basins. Troublesome Creek and San Juan Campground are also accessible from the east. 

Jack Pass Maintenance

Snohomish County is in a ten year agreement with the USFS to help maintain Beckler River Road which includes the road through Jack Pass. Both agencies meet annually to discuss repairs and maintenance needed to keep the road in working condition. The road through Jack Pass will remain unplowed and closed during the winter months. While seasonal conditions vary from year to year, the pass typically is open to use in late May through early November. 

Environmental Review Documents

NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY OF THE FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT - The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) signed a determination of Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) on April 14, 2017. This finding is based upon the evaluation of the Environmental Assessment (EA) as issued on September 19, 2016, and thoughtful consideration of public and agency input, including comments received at the public hearing on October 12, 2016 for the Index-Galena Road Milepost 6.4-6.9 project.


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