Public Facilities District

The Snohomish County Public Facilities District (PFD) was established in July of 2001. The PFD's purpose is to access state "rebated" sales tax revenues, and use these dollars to help construct regional centers throughout the county.


The board anticipates that its support will have positive economic impacts in Snohomish County. Total regional center construction is anticipated to top $131 million, with the County PFD's direct contribution being 18% of total costs, or $23.7 million.


As of December 2002, the district has formalized funding support for the following three projects:
  • Everett Arena and related parking facility
  • South Snohomish County Conference Center to be built in Lynnwood
  • The Edmonds Centre for the Arts

Upcoming Meetings

 Date  Time  Location
 January 25, 2018                3:00-5:00              

Lynnwood Convention Center

 April 26, 2018                     3:00-5:00               Everett Event Center
 July 19, 2018                       3:00-5:00               Future of Flight
 October 25, 2018             3:00-5:00               Edmonds Center for the Arts