A summary of Public Facilities Districts (PFD) projects is provided below. Read below to find out about the projects contacts, websites, and more.
  • Everett Arena: This is a 275,000 square feet, $62.5 million multi-purpose facility configured for sporting events, conferences, and conventions. The county PFD is contributing approximately 12% of project costs.
  • Lynnwood Public Facilities District: This is a 54,985 square feet, $31.3 million conference and convention center. The county PFD is contributing some 24% of project funding.
  • Edmonds Centre for the Arts: The PFD created a 750 seat performing arts center by remodeling the historically significant Puget Sound Christian College. Project costs are $16.4 million, with the county PFD contributing 23% of capital funds.
  • National Flight Interpretive Center: The PFD created a 58,000 square foot, $21.7 million flight museum at Paine Field. The county PFD is contributing 16% of project funds.