HMIS Training Resources

The information below contains the most updated training materials for HMIS.

Applies to the SnoCty: HMIS Programs* Workgroup

  • HMIS Data Entry Manual (PDF) - 7th Edition covering recent HMIS standards revision. This manual is for users working with HMIS projects (emergency shelter, rapid-rehousing, permanent supportive housing, etc) within the SnoCty: HMIS Programs* workgroup.
  • HMIS Data Collection Template (PDF) - Recent standards revision, a form any agency may use for collecting all of the required HMIS elements at enrollment and exit. This form is useable for all HMIS Projects. 
    • Federal Program Specific Data Collection Templates- If you have a project with a federal program partner, extra elements are required for collection. The below templates correspond with the element required of each federal programs listed below. 
  • HMIS Other than Other Exits - Exit Destinations for HMIS projects are varied, but can generally be captured by one of the 30+ available destinations.  Before you choose "Other", please stop to check if the situation falls under a HUD-approved destination.
  • HMIS Self Test (PDF) - Ten question self-assessment that identifies key tasks within HMIS that each user must know, to properly navigate the system and contribute quality data.
  • HMIS How To Videos - Ten short videos on how to complete common HMIS tasks such as: checking a help ticket, updating client information, creating case notes and more. Created in partnership with KSER and hosted on YouTube. *Please note these videos were created in a previous version of ClientTrack, so features may be slightly different.
  • Assessments: What's Required? When? - A graphic that gives a brief overview of when each type of assessment is collected for HMIS Projects.

Applies to the Coordinated Entry Workgroup:

Applies to all Workgroups:

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