Snohomish-Stillaguamish Local Integrating Organization (LIO) Riparian Workshop 2023 

November 29, 2023

Whole Group


The Snohomish-Stillaguamish Local Integrating Organization (LIO) hosted a workshop last week (11/29) to bring together funders and local agencies around the topic of restoration and maintenance of riparian corridors within our watersheds. The workshop reviewed current challenges and ideas to increase our effectiveness ahead of some significant upcoming grants (~$80M) that will become available to implement restoration actions. The workshop was well attended (~65), including a round table session with the grant agencies, and follow-up is planned for the ideas that were shared. See additional details below.


  • Workshop sponsors/coordinators
    • Kathleen Pozarycki and Micaella Jerde organized the workshop in partnership with support from staff from Snohomish County SWM, King County DNRP, WRIA 5 & 7 Lead Entity, Snoqualmie Watershed Forum, Snohomish Conservation District, and Kellogg Consulting.  
  • Organizations attending the workshop
    • Snohomish County, King County, Snohomish Conservation District, King Conservation District, WRIA 5 & 7, NOAA Fisheries, WDOE, WDNR, WDFW, WSDA, RCO, Tulalip Tribes, Stillaguamish Tribe, Snohomish PUD, Edmonds Community College, Latino Education Training Institute, Skagit Watershed Council, Sound Salmon Solutions, Snoqualmie Watershed Forum, Bonneville Environment Foundation and others.
  • Upcoming grant opportunities
    • $80M in federal and state grants coming in 2024
  • Challenges/barriers to restoration: Five key challenges were addressed in break-out groups, including:
    1. Investigate the Idea of a workforce Co-op
    2. Build Data Management Systems Across Watersheds
    3. Improve Workforce Development
    4. Build and Maintain Stewardship and consolidate grant opportunities
    5. Develop Landowner Relationships
  • Potential next steps
    • Restoration organizations are building new partnerships both among themselves and with State and Federal agencies as they develop significant new funding programs to support Riparian Restoration and Maintenance. Additionally, the Department of Ecology is looking for stakeholders to join their Advisory Committee to determine funding priorities. Workshop participants are all being asked to share small steps they can take to move this important work forward, so stay tuned for more ideas moving forward!

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