Work / Education Release

WR EntranceThis is an alcohol and drug free residential program where offenders are housed in a community corrections facility. It allows the inmate to maintain his/her employment, treatment or schooling and be productive in the community while incarcerated. Inmates are allowed to leave the facility for work, school, substance abuse treatment, or other approved activities.

Inmates participating in Work / Education Release are involved in a case management process that manages compliance with rules and conditions, directs them to structured programs and/or treatment services during those hours they are not involved in work or school. Program required drug screening and breathalyzer testing are conducted to monitor for use of illegal drug or alcohol consumption. Offenders are required to pay room and board on a sliding scale based on an hourly rate of gross pay.

Program Requirements
The work release program requires offenders to:
  • Have authorization from the court allowing work release as an option
  • Pay room and board. Program fees are based on the offender's ability to pay. To determine program participation fees, multiply the individual's hourly wage by two. This will give the daily fee. The minimum daily fee is $10 and the maximum is $50 per day
  • Maintain verified employment/school status
  • Provide corrections staff with a urine and breath sample at time of booking
  • Submit to random urine and breath testing while in the program
  • Comply with additional conditions as outlined by the court and/or Community Corrections Division
  • Be sentenced on all charges
  • Have no outstanding warrants
There is a 10-day minimum sentence to participate in this program.