Funding Opportunities

The items below include Notices of Funding Availability (NOFA) and Requests for Proposal (RFPs). Eligible non-profit organizations, for-profit developers, and government agencies are invited to apply for competitive funding for eligible projects and programs. Applications are currently being accepted for the following:

There are currently no funding opportunities at this time.  Please check back later.

Public Comment Periods and Public Hearings

*New*  Read and Comment on Fair Housing Report

An Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (“AI”) was conducted for Snohomish County that identifies barriers to fair housing in our community.  The AI identifies eight impediments to fair housing choice and seventeen recommended actions to address barriers and improve access.

Review and comment on the report by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.  For additional information and to view the AI, please go to: Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing.

Partnership to End Homelessness Board Information and Meeting Schedule.

Historically, the Homeless Policy Task Force Coordinating Committee (HPTF CC) and the Investing in Families Strategic Advisory Committee (SACC) functioned as separate bodies to fulfill the needs of our community around issues of homelessness and poverty. On August 29, 2013, the two bodies agreed to merge and function under one new governance structure. To facilitate the transition to one governing body, the current members of both bodies were appointed to an Interim Board charged with creating a governance charter over the course of three meetings and several committees. On December 19, 2013, the new governance charter and name of the board were ratified. More information is available on the Partnership to End Homelessness Board webpage.

Public Meeting

There are currently no public meetings scheduled at this time.  Please check back later.