Data / File Management

It is Snohomish County’s strategy to move forward with a threefold strategy for data protection and recovery.

We are mirroring our databases to an off-site location through continuous access (CA) replication. We are currently performing this with our EVA-3000 and 6000 SAN systems for Oracle, Informix and MS/SQL Databases.

CIFS File Systems
We are moving forward with tiers of storage and recovery. Fast access, near line, off-site and tape backup to an off-site Iron Mountain location. Eventually we hope to move off of tapes completely and replicate all our data to a remote storage facility in another part of the state to safeguard the public’s data in the event of a catastrophic event. In the mean time though we have implemented a strategy to also mirror our CIFS Data to an off site county location and look at completing this in the next few months.

System Data Protection
We are implementing Microsoft’s DPM technologies to take snapshots of our systems and save them on our above stated CIFS file systems. VM System images are being systematically copied to their own VM image with the VM Hyper-visor and Microsoft’s VM Manager.