Business Processes

IT develops and supports business process applications that enable county departments to operate efficiently and effectively, and to offer the public convenient web-based access to common county services.

  • Auditor Index and Imaging supports digital recording, management, protection, and rapid e-retrieval of over 3.4 million vital records annually.
  • Corrections Management provides a full jail management system used by nearly 1,300 county, city, and state law enforcement and corrections employees to book and manage over 25,000 inmates annually.
  • Electronic Document and Records Management handles emerging enterprise applications for the storage and management of nearly 23.5 million digital records and electronic files, positioning information for availability in business applications and e-government programs, as well as ensuring electronic records are managed in accordance with legal retention and public disclosure requirements.
  • Financial Applications deliver enterprise level financial management for the receipt and disbursement of $838 million annually, with functions including general ledger, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cost accounting, budgeting, and reporting.
  • Fleet Management assures the economical management and maintenance of almost 2,500 county-owned assets (equipment and vehicles), from procurement through disposal.
  • General Applications deliver routine capacity to develop, support, maintain, update, and enhance departmental processes with small to medium sized technology projects.
  • Geographical Information System delivers over one terabyte of data for advanced geospatial data layer analysis, design, development, conversion, maintenance, and support, integrated with business process data to dramatically improve decision quality and timeliness across many departments.
  • Medical Examiner Tracking System annually tracks, processes and manages the approximately 4,000 cases that require medical examination and scene investigation per statutory requirements.
  • Permit Processing orchestrates land-use planning, regulatory compliance, property changes, development activity, and construction inspection for more than 20,000 permit transactions annually.
  • PocketBlue provides law enforcement with wireless anytime-anywhere e-mail and data access to information residing in state and federal data repositories at a rate of more than 4,000 real-time inquiries.
  • Property Systems provides comprehensive tracking and managing of property characteristics, assessment information, ownership records, and tax calculations for more than 290,000 parcels with accounting, disbursement, and portfolio investment of 2.5 billion in annual revenue for the county and other jurisdictions such as school, water, and sewer districts.
  • Prosecutor Case Control provides a robust management system supporting efficient tracking and management of nearly 23,000 cases annually by approximately 1,200 employees across several law and justice departments.
  • Public Safety Integration delivers concentrated application projects and direct sharing complex information across law and justice departments and systems.
  • Scale Automation manages the collection, transport, and disposal of over 500,000 tons of residential and commercial waste product annually.
  • Voter Registration is a comprehensive system to manage over 442,000 registered voters, districting, and ballot generation with high integrity and reliability.
  • Web Services annually provides over 6 million public visitors with access to over 12,000 pages of information, and dozens of online self-service applications. Web services offers solutions for eCommerce, subscription notification, and eForms.