Central Services

Information Technology has integrated several distinct central business services that leverage staffing for routine requirements. These services are designed to consistently meet legally mandated requirements, use industry best practice methods, and improve cost efficiency by consolidating work.

  • Coordination, Support and Training Services provides client coordination, project portfolio management, with well over 500 projects annually, productivity training and support, offering over 160 classes annually, committee and leadership reporting, management of assets and inventory valued at almost $32 million, financial accounting including budget and allocated rate development, software license control, contract development and management, with almost 25 contracts handled annually, operational documentation control, policy management, planning and communications, and performance reporting associated with over $18 million in annual investments in technology and services.
  • Imaging Services provides enterprise level microfilming, digital scanning, and electronic storage of over 6 million pages annually in order to preserve and protect documents, improve access and retrieval, and reduce paper storage volumes.
  • Mail Handling and Distribution Services provides single-point processing of over 2 million pieces of mail and packages annually for all campus-based and some off-campus county departments.
  • Print and Copy Services provides desktop publishing support coupled with standardized processing of over 5 million pages of print and copy output annually.
  • Records Services ensures mandated preservation and retention of all county records, including historical and archival records with records consulting, secure / managed storage of over 37,000 boxes, handling nearly 7,000 file pick-up and delivery actions annually, along with scheduled destruction, and/or transitional services to state archivist.