Personal Productivity Services

Personal productivity services provide a solid technology foundation or infrastructure to help all employees and departments improve efficiency and results. This foundation also serves as a base structure to deliver more advanced business process applications that address specific needs for information management and processing. Information Services provides essential hardware, software, and routine analysis, support, upgrades, enhancements, and vendor management for each of these systems.

  • Audio / Visual Services provides deployment and support for conference room, video court arraignment, and digital recording systems.
  • Data Transport securely connects 3,700+ client computing devices across more than 30 primary county sites, integrated with statewide intergovernmental networks using high speed local area network technologies.
  • Disaster Recovery and Prevention manages, protects and recovers vital information stored and processed by more than 400 applications running on 250+ application and network servers.
  • E-Mail Systems delivers timely internal and external communications at a volume of nearly 2 million inbound e-mails annually.
  • File Services supports more than 3.8 terabytes (3,800 gigabytes) of on-line data related to general office automation. 3.8 terabytes is the equivalent of almost 2 trillion typewritten pages, or 4 million pickup trucks filled with books.
  • Network Access provides security, authentication, and access control/management for 3,000+ client accounts.
  • Print Queues deliver shared and managed output to more than 500 network-based print, copy and plotting devices.
  • Remote Access / Citrix provides flexible 24/7 secure access to standard applications for over 800 authorized employees and business partners.
  • Telephone Services delivers integrated dialing, voicemail, automated call distribution queues, voice menus, and specialized options to almost 4,000 phone, fax and modem devices located across 18 primary switching sites.
  • Wireless Services provides anytime / anywhere integrated e-mail, calendar and address book services (using approximately 500 wireless handheld devices) - saving $800,000 annually in employee productivity.
  • Workstation Services provides and maintains almost 3,000 personal computers (PC) and laptop devices, and standard computer software including MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, McAfee, Internet Explorer, System Management, etc.