District 5

Council District 5 includes Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Monroe, East Silver Lake, Sultan, Gold Bar, Maltby, Clearview and Index, as well as parts of unincorporated Snohomish County,


It is a blessing and an honor to serve each person in Council District 5. I have a history of finding common sense solutions that work for all. Fighting for transportation funding, congestion relief, and safety has been a top priority of mine since I first took office in 2016. With that in mind, I have worked with our state legislators to increase funding for Highway 522, Highway 9 and US 2/Trestle. I strongly support our Law Enforcement and Firefighters, investing in our local schools and making sure that Snohomish County is a clean and safe environment where everyone can live and work. As your councilmember, I will continue to focus on easing traffic congestion, county road projects, law and justice initiatives and spend time and energy on the issues that matter to you. Safe communities, affordable housing and the ability to get to work in a timely manner are issues I will be working on and enlightening our state officials to our 5th District transportation needs and improvements which include added capacity and safety on Highways 522, 9, and 2/Trestle.

Biography of Sam Low

Sam and his wife Mariah were both born and raised right here in Snohomish County. Prior to being on Council, Sam was a successful small business owner for 10 years. Sam and is wife Mariah have five children.  The oldest two, Meghan and Caleb, are both schoolteachers.  Mercedes is in her last year of college and also plans to be a schoolteacher. Seth works for a local auto dealership.  Vaden is the youngest and in his second year of college. Silver Lab Auggie and Golden Retriever Sarge round out the Low family.


In 2013 Sam was elected to the Lake Stevens City Council and was selected by his peers to be Council President in 2016, where he served as Mayor Pro-Tem. During this time Sam also served on the Snohomish (County) Board of Health and was unanimously selected Chair of the Health District in 2015. Sam is also active in community service both personally and through his local Lake Stevens Rotary Club where he served as 2016-2017 President.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Maranatha Baptist University. Sam’s Master of Organizational Leadership Degree, elected experience, community service, and small business background make him uniquely qualified not only to represent District 5, but to utilize his formal training in the day-to-day activities of County Government.


Contact Councilmember Low by email at Sam.Low@snoco.org or by telephone at 425-388-3494.

Council Assignments and Committees include:

  • Public Works Committee Chair 2020 - 2022
  • Law and Justice Committee Vice-Chair 2020-2021
  • State Transportation Improvement Board (representing WSAC) 2020 -2021 (Chair 2021-2022)
  • Washington State Traffic Safety Commission (representing WSAC) 2021-2022
  • Puget Sound Regional Council – Executive Committee 2020-2022
  • Puget Sound Regional Council – Transportation 2020
  • Puget Sound Regional Council – Operations Committee 2021-2022
  • Puget Sound Clean Air Agency 2019-2020
  • County Canvassing Board (elections) 2018-2022
  • Conservation Futures Board (Chair 2020) 2019-2021
  • Snohomish County Board Health (Chair 2015) 2014-2022
  • Forensic Investigations Council (representing WSAC) 2017-2019
  • Operations Committee Chair 2016-2019
  • LEOFF 1 Board (for Fire and Police) 2018-2019
  • CDBG – Policy Advisory Board 2020
  • Library Capital Facilities Governance Board 2017-2020
  • WSAC Federal Legislative Steering Committee 2020