Knotweed Control Project

Knotweed, a noxious weed, is an increasing concern in Little Bear Creek. Little Bear Creek and its tributaries represent some of the last remaining intact stream-side habitat in South Snohomish County. This area is home to a variety of wildlife, including endangered Chinook salmon.

Extremely aggressive and fast-growing, knotweed thickets can completely overwhelm small waterways and salmon streams, displace native vegetation, and increase stream bank erosion. Knotweed also can cause damage to man-made structures, such as building foundations and roads, and can block recreational access to local waterways. Deep and extensive root systems make knotweed very difficult to eradicate.

Knotweed has the potential to degrade important salmon habitat in Little Bear Creek and its tributaries by crowding out the native trees and shrubs that help create a salmon-friendly environment.

This information has been adapted from publications supplied by the King County Noxious Weed Control Board.