Water Quality

  1. Business Inspections - Pollution Source Control

    View information about the program that surface water management developed to help business owners comply with Snohomish County's Water Quality Code and control existing and potential pollution sources or activities in an effort to protect storm, surface, and ground water quality.

  2. Ground Water Management Program

    Find out information about the program that was developed to manage and protect the groundwater resources in Snohomish County.

  3. Lake Management Program

    Gather information about the services offered by the division to help the lakes in the community.

  4. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

    Read about the county’s compliance with requirements of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System, including countywide monitoring, compliance with the water quality law, public outreach, and preparation of the Stormwater Manual, which contains required drainage engineering standards.

  5. Publications

    Browse publications related to water quality.

  6. Report Pollution

    Review how to submit a report of pollution.

  7. Stillaguamish River Clean Water District

    Obtain information about the advice received to help water quality and quantity-related issues.