1. At-Risk Youth-CHINS

    Find information on the various petitions available to assist at-risk youth, children in need of services.

  2. Detention Services

    Find information on detention alternatives, referral forms, residential services, and visitation sessions.

  3. Juvenile Dependency Court

    Find information and resources for youth and parents who have pending allegations of abuse and neglect filed with the Court.

  4. Juvenile Offender Drug Treatment Court

    Learn about the intensive supervision program that offers a rehabilitative and therapeutic approach to chemically dependent juvenile offenders.

  5. Juvenile Probation Services

    Discover probation programs, supervision services, and diversion counseling / education classes offered.

  6. Reclaiming Futures

    Envision a better future for juveniles and access resources and projects to assist offenders.

  7. ADA Accommodations

    Find information on how to request reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.

  8. Truancy

    Truancy petitions are filed by the school district. School officials are mandated to file a truancy petition if a youth has seven unexcused absences in a month or 10 unexcused in one year. These petitions require the youth to attend school every day, every period, on time, and can also hold the parent responsible for chronic truancy.