Surface water management works with citizens, stakeholders, and agency representatives to lead recovery planning efforts in the Snohomish Watershed and coleads efforts in the Stillaguamish Watershed with the Stillaguamish Tribe. We also participate in planning efforts in Lake Washington, Sammamish and Cedar River Watershed (led by King County), and the Skagit River Watershed (led by the Skagit Watershed Council).

Surface Water Management actively participates in local and regional salmon recovery efforts. As lead in the Snohomish Watershed and colead with the Stillaguamish Tribe in the Stillaguamish Watershed, surface water management staffs the citizen-led efforts to restore healthy, harvestable salmon populations.

Salmon Recovery Program

The Salmon Recovery Program pages are meant for those who already know about salmon basics and are interested in what’s happening in the County and the County’s role in salmon recovery. The pages are also meant for those participating in salmon recovery efforts:

Salmon In Snohomish County

This series of pages provides background information about salmon in Snohomish County, watersheds and why salmon populations are threatened. The pages also discuss what the county and what individual people are doing to recover salmon:

Salmon Recovery Funding Board

Created in 1999, the Salmon Recovery Funding Board disperses grant funding for salmon recovery projects throughout the State of Washington. Since 2000, the board has spent over $230 million on projects that improve fish passage, instream, and riparian habitats.

As the lead and colead for salmon recovery in the Snohomish and Stillaguamish Watersheds respectively, Snohomish County works with sponsors on developing their grant proposals and facilitates the technical and citizen scoring processes. The scored list of projects is forwarded to the Salmon Recovery Funding Board for final technical review and approval, based on available funding.

Helpful Links

The helpful links section is a fast track for those seeking to view the salmon recovery plans for county watersheds, or for those who participate in the Snohomish Basin Salmon Recovery Forum and the Stillaguamish Implementation Review Committee. Some links include: