About Social Opportunities And Recreation (SOAR)

SOAR strives to share life’s adventures through social recreation in a safe, inclusive and friendly space.

Our Goal

The Snohomish County Parks and Recreation Department provides recreation programs for people of all abilities. Our primary goal is to provide opportunities for lifelong learning and growth through the experience of recreation and leisure activities.

Specialized recreation opportunities are available for individuals who choose to participate in activities specially designed and conducted by trained staff to best meet their needs. Though typically designed for individuals with developmental disabilities, specialized recreation programs are available to persons of all abilities.

Participant Needs

We work closely with participants on an individual basis to provide reasonable accommodations for all of our programs. However, there may be some activities that are not conducive for people who have limited mobility or health concerns because of the location or logistics of a specific activity.

Please call in advance and check with staff to see if a specific activity will work for you. It is the responsibility of the participant to inform the department if there are any specific accommodations that may be needed in order to best access a specific activity.

Program staff are unable to provide one-on-one attendant care such as assistance with toileting, toilet transfers, feeding, or giving medication at our programs. If you need this type of assistance during program hours you must provide an attendant to be eligible for the activity. In most cases, unless there is an admission fee, attendants may accompany the participant at no additional cost.

Participant Profile

Participants in the Specialized Recreation Program are required to fill out an Inclusion Intake form prior to participating in any program activity. This form is used to provide emergency contact, health conditions, insurance, behavioral information, and specific accommodation needs of individual participants. A current inclusion intake form  must be on file before participating in any program.