Boating & Launching

Boat Launches

Boat launches are available for water-skiing and motor boating at Willard Wyatt Park on Lake Stevens, Kayak Point Park on Port Susan, Wenberg Park at Lake Goodwin, and at Flowing Lake Park

Parking & Launch Permits

(Annual Passes)
A daily or annual launch permit must be purchased prior to launching. Daily launch permits can be purchased at the parks. An annual pass can be purchased online (select Activities) or at the Parks office at 425-388-6600. Parking and boat launch fees are included in the camping fee at Kayak, Flowing Lake and Wenberg Parks.

Get additional information on annual parking and boat launch passes page. Please note that the following permits are not recognized at Snohomish County Park launches: 

  • Washington State Fish and Wildlife launch permits
  • Washington State Parks Discovery Pass
  • Northwest Forest Pass

Boating Rules

Each lake has different regulations for boating and skiing. Regulations can be viewed online for the following lakes:

A summary of lakes and boating restrictions can be found in SCC Title 12 (.pdf file).

To view  a complete and up to date list of rules, visit the Snohomish County Code page and reference Title 22 (Park Code) and Title 12 (Water Use). 

Electric Engines

The county code prohibits the use of internal combustion engines on certain lakes within the county. Since electric motors are not internal combustion engines, they are allowed. When motors cannot or are difficult to remove, gas cans must be removed, fuel lines disconnected, and the engine bagged. Bagging the engine is simply enclosing the propeller shaft and hub in a plastic bag and leaving it in the tilted upright position. By taking these steps, the motor is not operative or leaking petroleum product into the water. The means of propulsion for the vessel is now by electric motor or manual operation.