Watershed Stewards


Surface water management's watershed stewards work in partnership with citizens, community groups, local jurisdictions, and state and federal agencies to protect and enhance water quality and aquatic habitats.

They are your personal link to resources and information. They can answer your questions about streams, water quality, and habitat restoration.

No charge. No inspectors. Just answers.


Our professional Watershed Stewards provide technical assistance, advice and ideas. They:

  • Make site visits at the request of property owners to discuss questions they may have regarding streamside habitat, beavers, water quality, and development issues.
  • Work with streamside landowners to develop and implement habitat restoration projects. This could include removing invasive plants, restoring native vegetation, and fencing livestock away from streams.
  • Help resolve complaints made by citizens about water quality, development activities, and habitat degradation.
  • Assist landowners, developers, and jurisdictions to find technical support to reduce impacts to streams and wetlands affected by development through sustainable techniques.
  • Provide watershed expertise and technical assistance to other surface water management groups, county departments, nongovernmental organizations, and state and federal agencies.