Family Drug Treatment Court

The goal of Family Drug Treatment Court (FDTC) is the expedited permanency of children into a clean, stable, drug free, and nurturing home. Children deserve to live in a loving and nurturing environment with their parents, and FDTC is a program that can help expedite attaining this reunification.

By allowing expedited access to chemical dependency treatment, by having weekly court hearings and by receiving the intensified focus of special Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) drug Court social workers, program participants are often able to be reunited with their children sooner than is usually possible in regular dependency cases.

Successful Treatment Completion

By the time of their graduation, our participants have established a stable recovery, have been living with their children for over six months and have completed chemical dependency treatment. Many have also secured stable employment, earned their GEDs, and gone on to local community college programs to pursue career goals in a variety of fields.

FDTC provides parents struggling with the disease of addiction an opportunity to establish a solid recovery. They learn how to parent their children in a lifestyle of sobriety and rejoin their communities as healthy, productive families.