Snohomish County Parks Planning


Park Impact Fee Code Update

Snohomish County is in the process of updating SCC 30.66A, which is the portion of Snohomish County Code that addresses collection of park impact mitigation fees.  Park impact mitigation fees are used to help fund development of new park amenities, which are constructed to address increased demands related to population growth.  In 2018 park impact mitigation fees account for approximately 18% of Parks' capital budget.

Update of the code is prompted by language in SCC 30.66A which encourages biennial update to the collection amounts in order to ensure the fee basis reflects up-to-date project costs and population projections.  

A stakeholder meeting was held July 12th and a briefing of the Snohomish County Planning Commission was held August 28th to collect feedback on the proposal.   A Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) has been issued for this non-project action.  The DNS and full checklist are available for review and comment.  

Comments should be sent to:

Sharon Swan
Principal Park Planner
Snohomish County Parks & Recreation
6705 Puget Park Dr.
Snohomish WA 98296
[email protected]

Upcoming presentations/hearings are anticipated:
  • Sept. 25, 2018 - Planning Commission Hearing
  • TBD - County Council Committee of the Whole - Budget Briefing
  • To Be Determined - County Council Hearing


Comprehensive Parks Plan Update

Snohomish County adopted a new Park and Recreation Element (PRE) in June, 2015.  This document is a component of the Snohomish County Growth Management Act (GMA) Comprehensive Plan and works together with the County's General Policy Plan and Capital Facilities Plan to provide goals, objectives and strategies for providing park services through 2035.  The PRE includes a list of envisioned park improvements intended to serve growth, as well as address interests identified by the public.     
For more information on the Snohomish County Comprehensive Parks Plan update, please contact Sharon Swan, Principal Park Planner, at (425) 388-6616.

Park and Recreation Visioning Plan

Snohomish County has created an updated 2015 Snohomish County Parks and Recreation Visioning Plan (PRVP), which is used to summarize input from residents of Snohomish County about what they think is important in provision of parks, together with a county-wide analysis of specific trends and needs.  The PRVP was created based on a process that also satisfies planning requirements of the State of Washington Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO).  Adoption of this document will ensure Snohomish County remains eligible for grant funding available from RCO.
For more information on the 2014 Snohomish County Parks and Recreation Visioning Plan, please contact Sharon Swan, Principal Park Planner, at 425-388-6616.