Juvenile Probation Services

Court Services Unit and Diversion
Supervision Services Unit (Probation)

Researched / Evidence-Based Programs

Aggression Replacement Training (ART) is a researched based program that has three components:
  • Skill streaming (youth are taught social skills)
  • Anger control training (youth are taught how to manage their anger)
  • Moral reasoning (youth participate in a class discussion about life situation “problems” to raise their awareness of common thinking errors)
Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an evidence based program that focuses on family dynamics and building more effective interactions for both the youth and the parent.

Coordination of Services (COS) is an evidence based program that is geared towards lower risk youth. This program is also called the “Way Out” Program. COS helps parents and youth to communicate with each other, teaches new coping skills, and provides knowledge of community based resources.

Additional Resources